Cité de Papier [Paper Town]

Augmented Paper Installation (2017)
“Paper Worlds” Cycle


The Moselle industrial archives are home to an incredible wealth of plans for towns, equipment and industries in the Lorraine basin. Dreamt up by the architects of the coal mines, these towns were built, inhabited and experienced by their residents.

The artists from La Bande Passante gave residents of the region of Saint-Avold the chance to participate in the recreation of these paper towns – the plans of the architects.
This led to the creation of a large model of the town, which involved painstaking cutting based on the plans for the coal mines in the Lorraine Basin that had been preserved in the archives, accompanied by sound and lights.


Part of a regional artistic residence supported by Moselle Arts Vivants / CD57. With support from the Saint-Avold regional industrial archives. With support from the European Union as part of the INTERREG V A Grande Région programme for the project “Pierres Numériques” (Digital Stones)


Design and archives choice: Benoît Faivre, David Gallaire and Tommy Laszlo
Direction: David Gallaire and Daniel Trento
Scenography and lighting: David Gallaire
Sound: Benoît Faivre
Production manager: Claire Girod
Production assistance: Aurélie Burgun

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