Cockpit Cuisine

"The ingenuity and the virtuosity of the manipulation of images and objects, the subdued melancholy and the poetical strength of the story, in addition to the subtle interplay of the three actor-manipulators makes this a delightful exception in the world of puppetry. An absolute must-see."
Thierry Voisin , TÉLÉRAMA (TTT)
"Art Brut (...), combining low-tech and more advanced technologies. Video, multi-screen installations, montages, experiments with scale and magnification: the image is created before our eyes. Benoît Faivre and his partners – gifted tinkerers one and all – manipulate a chaotic mess in which each object finds its place, transformed by the live camera, which provides a second level of narration."
Christelle Granja , LIBÉRATION
"With Cockpit Cuisine, the appropriately named La Bande Passante invite young and old alike to join them in a crazy, whimsical world where the sense of ingenuity is rendered all the more remarkable by how simple it all is, paying tribute to the power of the imagination."
Marina Da Silva , L'HUMANITÉ
"As a performance, Cockpit Cuisine is completely mad, yet astounding (...) a truly incredible journey."
Evelyne Tran , LE MONDE
"Cockpit Cuisine is a unique creation, a world teeming with life that is sure to leave a lasting memory. (...) An imaginary, exuberant world with echoes of [Michel] Gondry, where small paper characters and china plates are all that it takes to illustrate an extraordinary journey."
Audrey Jean ,
"La Bande Passante are reinventing adventure, in the true sense of the word. The sense of melancholy and wonderment will take audiences back to their childhood toys. Cockpit Cuisine is sure to find a special place in your memory library."
Elodie Cabreran , BSC NEWS
"Destination Moon or A Thousand and One Wonders. Here, the effects, far exceeding special, are remarkable diversions, revealing a sense of enchantment."
Cathia Engelbach , THEATRORAMA
"Images are created visually, plunging audiences (aged anywhere between 7 and 77) into general astonishment. Ingenuity at all levels, virtuoso skills, ‘pataphysic’ humour, unconventional consummate art borrowing from practical jokes, theatre direction that draws on a sense of the absurd - everything is performed with a level of mastery worthy of a magician bringing a vast range of eras together in the present, testament to the most fertile imagination."

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